Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We've grown! Meet the team...

The past few months have seen some awesome growth for Jose Medina & Associates.  We thought now would be a great time to take a moment to introduce or re-introduce you to our people!  You'll find that we are 11 different personalities that come together everyday with one goal in mind...excellence.  We reside all over Stark county and together we have over 90 years of real estate experience!  Each year we choose a word that exemplifies our focus over the next 12 months (idea prompted by Jon Gordon).  Enjoy getting to know us...and our words for the year!

Jose Medina: Team Leader & Licensed Agent
Word:  FAITH  Resides:  North Canton
Interests: Reading, running, riding his motorcycle & dirt bike, family time, sports (and tearing into a homemade peanut butter pie every now & then)

Rachel Hogue:  Listing Partner & Licensed Agent
Word:  INTENTIONAL  Resides:  Canton (Plain)
Interests:  Baking...especially pies, eating out, making cards, travel & hanging out with family and friends

Kristy Varrecchia:  ISA (Inside Sales Agent) Licensed Agent
Word:  ENDURANCE  Resides:  Massillon
Interests:  Walking, biking, kayaking, camping, traveling, learning new skills, 
hanging with friends, faith, and the adventure of change

Joanne Tarle: Administrative Lead
Word:  TIME  Resides:  Canal Fulton
Interests:  Reading, craft -card making, scrap booking, taking pictures
 and hopefully getting an awesome camera someday soon!

Patty House:  Closing Manager & Licensed Agent
Word:  BALANCE  Resides:  Canton (Plain)
Interests:  Spending time with her boys, exercising (running, boxing & cross-fit) and riding motorcycles

Kevin McCaulley:  Licensed Buyer's Agent
Word:  FOCUS  Resides:  Massillon (Jackson)
Interests:  Loves the outdoors - hiking, biking, fishing, boating & cookouts

Anita Reese:  Licensed Buyer's Agent
Word:  BALANCE  Resides:  Doylestown
Interests:  Cooking, entertaining, vacationing, boating & enjoying summer days at the lake

Tiffany Pepper:  Licensed Buyer's Agent
Word:  PRESENT  Resides:  North Canton
Interests:  Spending time with family and friends, reading & riding motorcycles

Valerie Rasinar:  Licensed Buyer's Agent
Word:  TIME  Resides:  Canton
Interests:  Spending time being silly with family, running and reading

Valarie Espenschied:  Licensed Buyer's Agent
Word:  FULFILLED  Resides:  Louisville (Plain twp)
Interests:  Working out, any activities outside, and spending time with her granddaughter

Kate Medina:  Account & Rental Manager
Words:  LET IT GO (because some years require more than one word!)  Resides:  North Canton
Interests:  Writing, reading, exercising, entertaining, travel, fun adventures with family and friends

Friday, March 21, 2014

March Market Update Report

Is your home competitive or compelling? Competitive means your property is priced and shows “as well as” the other competing homes currently on the market.  Competitive feedback sounds like “nice home; just started looking; wants to see other homes”, etc.   However, if your property is compelling then it stands out from the rest of the crowd.  Buyers don’t want to leave the driveway, and instead of receiving feedback you receive an offer!  Right now about 1/3 of the homes that sell are doing so in the first 30 days (buyers are demanding homes that are priced to compel.)  So… is your property priced to be competitive or compelling???

Here’s some current market stats you may find interesting.  Currently there are almost 1,700 homes and condos on the market in Stark County.  On average, only about 200 properties sell each month, which means that only the top 12% of the market is selling each month.  In other words, your listing has to be in the top 12% of the market to be sold!  If there are 50 competing properties for your listing and only the top 6 sell a month - is your home in the top 12% of homes regarding price and condition?  We are in a very crucial season with a lot of buyer activity and now is the time to seize this market.   Please always feel free to call us with any questions or concerns….

Your Realtor,

Jose Medina

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to apply to lower your Property Taxes!

Super Charged Learning! 

Saturday, MARCH 22, 10:00 -12:00 p.m.
Learn How to Apply to
Lower Your Property Taxes

We all want save money - Come Learn How!

A representative from the Stark County Auditor's Office will discuss how to complete the application form to have your property taxes reviewed for a reduction. 

Please bring you current tax bill and your property card from the Stark County Auditor's website. 

Auditor Forms will be provided.

A Notary will be present to complete your application.

 $10 Pay at the door.  Cash, check or credit card.

All Revision Requests are accepted only once a year.  This year's deadline is March 31...
So do not delay in registering for this event!

Advance Registration for this seminar is requested,
but not required.
North Canton Branch
of the Stark County District Library
189 - 25th St NW
North Canton, OH  
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

To Register for this Class
call Dan Quinlan at
Red Rock Real Estate
330-456-ROCK (7625)  

Stark County Real Estate Investors Association

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Renting to Own" explained...

Entering into a "Rent to own" or "Lease Option" contract basically means you're renting a home just like any other rental. However, as part of the contract you have the option to buy the home at the end of the lease for a predetermined price.  Renters are required to pay an option fee to the seller (which is a set amount that will be applied to the down payment when the home is actually purchased by the tenant.)  A portion of the tenant's monthly rent will also be applied towards their principal balance.

 For example, if a home is worth $100,000.00 and rent is $800/month, then the seller may
require a $3,000 option fee up front and agree that  $100/month of the rent payment go towards the purchase price balance. That would mean that at the end of a 12 month contract, the tenant would have their $3,000 option fee and another $1,200 ($100/month x 12 months) as a down payment on the agreed upon purchase price of $100,000.00.  The tenant would then need financing to purchase the home for $95,800.00.  Please note that if the tenant should decide NOT to purchase the home at the end of the contract period, the seller retains the option fee.  

Renting to own can appeal to people with little to no savings for a down payment, or people with bad credit or no credit.  It is also an option for those who do not qualify for traditional mortgages or may have lost their homes to foreclosures.  It can be a great way to get into a desired neighborhood or school district in a timely manner, while affording the renter time to build their income or repair their credit.    

 Some points to consider before entering into a rent to own contract...

1)  All terms are negotiable.  Be sure that the purchase price of the home agrees with the current value of the home.  It is likely that the option fee will be 3% - 5% of the agreed upon purchase price.
2)  Most rent to own contracts will require the renter to purchase the home in 1 -2 years.  Many contracts will extend another year to the renter with a 4% escalation (this percentage could be higher or lower) on the original agreed upon purchase price of the home.  
3)  A renter can walk away from the purchase at the conclusion of the lease, but they will lose their down payment.  
4)  Most rent to own contracts state the the tenant is responsible for all repairs needed (even throughout the rental period).
5)  Make sure that all terms are understood and agreed upon before signing a contract.          

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Market Update...

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying 2014! We are off to a busy start with many new properties coming on the market as sellers want to take advantage of eager buyers. As a result
of the increase in inventory, it is very important to determine your homes position in the market. There are three elements which are very important to your homes placement; we call it the “3 P’s of selling”!

PRICE – By properly setting the price you will create value in the buyer’s mind and stay in front on the market by being more aggressive instead of chasing it down. Keep in mind that the market determines the value of every home and it all depends on what a buyer is willing to pay.

PACKAGING – This is the condition of your home and property. Take a tour of your home, look at it as a new buyer would, and fix or repair any problems you notice. However, keep in mind improvements made to the property should be done for enjoyment/maintenance, not resale, because the buyer cannot be expected to pay the original cost of your maintenance project. In accordance, maintenance preserves value, it does not create value. For instance if a new roof is needed, it was needed as a maintenance requirement and cannot be added to the market price of your home.

PROMOTION – Marketing is very important in order to secure buyers who not only want to tour your property but ultimately write an offer. You can count on Jose Medina & Associates to do our very best to market your property in as many venues as possible,,,,, Yahoo Real Estate & Your home is listed on numerous other websites and will often be advertised on the back cover of the Real Estate section of The Repository. As well as our new text lead system for your property.  Also check out the new and improved 

Ultimately, you as the seller are in control of 2 of the 3 factors determining the sale of your home.   Keep in mind that every home is in a pricing war and beauty contest with all other homes on the market. Let’s talk soon. 

-Jose Medina & Associates  

Friday, January 24, 2014

Even a Duck Knows the Importance of Prospecting

Posted by The KCM Crew on January 23, 2014 in For Buyers, For Sellers

You can learn so much just by observing nature. Last year, Steve was staying at a fabulous hotel in southern California. He and his wife were having lunch at an outside table at the hotel restaurant. It was impossible not to notice the ducks that gathered around the tables at the restaurant looking for food. The birds would wait for the people to leave and then they would flock to the tables looking for crumbs that were dropped to the floor. There were dozens of birds fighting over the scraps left behind. Every duck did the same thing; except for one.
This duck was different. Instead of waiting for the couples to leave, this duck would wait only until the food was originally delivered. At the moment the staff delivered the food, the duck would race to the table and look up at the people who were about to eat. Surprisingly, every person immediately took something from their plate and fed it to this duck. They fed the duck BEFORE they began to eat.
This duck didn’t settle for scraps and leftovers. He ate the best food off the plate. This duck didn’t fight with dozens of others. He was alone when the customers fed him.

It was truly amazing.

It made us think about the difference in real estate agents. Some will list a house, put it on MLS and hope for the best. Others will represent a buyer by simply checking the MLS to see if a suitable house is available for sale. They are like many agents in the marketplace. They are waiting for something to happen. Just like all those other ducks.
Then there are agents who will take it upon themselves to make something happen. They will diligently search for the buyer of their new listing. They will knock door-to-door looking for the perfect house for their new client who is dreaming of a new home for their family. They are like that special duck. They are not waiting for the leftovers.

Bottom Line

In all of nature, some wait for things to happen and others make things happen.

Our team feels very strongly about "making things happen" for our clients.  Here's an email we recently received about the diligent service provided by one of our buyer agents, Anita Reese...

Jose - Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how helpful 
Anita Reece has been to us. She consistently had our best interests at heart -she really helped us find a safe place for our son and his family to start with. We will definitely be referring any of our friends who are looking for homes to her. 
Thank you,  Mila & Paul Facemire

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We got mail...

Jose & Team,

We don't know for sure how we came to choose you as our Realtor for the sale of our home, except from your great ads that promote your successes, and a great interview in which you
came across as sincerely honest.  We interviewed three other Realtors and have never once regretted our decision.  We couldn't have asked or wanted more from you.  We will refer you whenever we have the opportunity.  We really appreciate you and your business philosophy!  We wish you continued success and thank you for all your efforts on our behalf in successfully selling our home. 

Sincerely, Floyd & Joan

Jose & Team,

Thank you for your annual holiday movie and celebration at the palace.  Our family has attended for several years and it has become one of our favorite traditions!  The kids especially love the cookies, popcorn & hot chocolate!  

Thanks again, The Tabellion family